Need some free, eco-friendly art for your walls? We’ve got just the thing.

The concept of less is an important part of any eco-conscious lifestyle, and it never hurts to have a visual reminder.

Waste less water
A five-minute shower uses about half as much water as taking a bath. Hang your print in the bathroom if you need some extra persuasion to shower, rather than bathing.

Drive less often
Driving accounts for about 10% of the average person’s carbon footprint. By combining trips and errands, or making a commitment to stay off the road for two days a week, you can reduce carbon emissions by over 700kg per year.

Eat less meat
According to researchers at Oxford University, the most significant way you can reduce your impact on climate change is to cut animal products from your diet. While we realise this isn’t possible for everyone, reducing your consumption can still make a difference. Visit the Meat Free Mondays website if you need tips or support.

Use less plastic
Every year, we dump 10 million tons of plastic in the sea, and it kills around 1 million marine animals. Check out this post for tips on reducing plastic in your grocery shopping.

Waste less food
The average UK household wastes £500-800 worth of food every year. Plan your meals and get creative with leftovers to save both waste and a big chunk of change.

Throw away less
Donate unwanted items from around the house to your local charity shop, or if something is broken, try fixing it rather than replacing it straight away.

Waste less electricity
Citizens here in the UK waste over £4billion a year in electricity costs just by leaving the lights on. As well as keeping an eye on your switches, try changing to energy-efficient bulbs and appliances, lowering your thermostat by a couple of degrees and turning plugs off when you’re not using them. You can also check if you might be eligible for a government grant to help make your home even more energy efficient.

Download your free art here, ready to print at home or via a local print shop. Extra points for hanging it in a recycled frame when you’re done!

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