Two quick facts for you:

  • The average plastic bag gets just 15 minutes of use before it’s thrown away.
  • We use more than a million every minute which, worldwide, adds up to 500 billion plastic bags a year.

Together, those numbers are pretty bleak, but the good news is there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives which can help you reduce your plastic bag consumption. Reusable shopping bags come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, as well as a variety of price points. We recommend keeping a selection in different places (folded in your handbag, your desk, your coat pocket, etc..), so you’ve always got one when you need it. Plan to tell the shop assistant who asks if you need a bag, “no, thanks” as often as you can.

We’ve rounded up 20 of our favourite reusable grocery bags for you below, and when we say ‘grocery bags’ we actually mean bags for groceries, books, homewares, beauty products, clothing – whatever it is you’re shopping for.

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Burnt Orange x Stripes Tote Bag (Society6) | £13.24

Simple, smart and stripy. Score!


Pink Retro Flowers Orange Red Background Tote Bag (Society6) | £16.55

Clashy, floral and eye-scorchingly colourful.


Natural Reusable Cotton Shopper Tote Bag (Amazon) | £3.99

Plain-dyed in a range of colours, so you can collect a rainbow.


Villain I Have Done Thy Mother Tote Bag (Etsy) | £15

Titus Andronicus quote, perfect for carrying books and raising eyebrows.


Yee Haw in Gold Tote Bag (Society6) | £16.55

Shop ’em, cowgirl.


Bright Pink String Market Tote Bag (Caroline Gardner) | £12

Kitschy mesh bag, perfect for farmer’s market fruits and veggies.


(Very) Long Dog Tote Bag (Redbubble) | £14.78

Sausage dog or dachshund? Either way, adorably silly.


Skynke carrier bag, patterned cat, blue/white (IKEA) | £1

The cheapest of the bunch, available in three bold designs.


Recycled grey & coral, Medium (Kind Bag) | £10

Made from repurposed plastic, for even more green points.


Good Vibes Daisy Tote Bag (Society6) | £16.55

We’re talking about . . .


BAGGU Reusable Bag – Sailor Stripe (Kin Home) | £12

Still like the shape of a traditional carrier bag? We hear you.


Personalised Initial Tote Bag (Etsy) | £4.97

Monochrome monogram for maximum style.


Tiger Tote Bag (Paperchase) | £12

Easy, tiger.


Kitty Stardust Cat Tote Bag (Etsy) | £7.20

Bowie, cats, eco-friendly shopping. What’s not to love?


Vintage Apple Recycled Foldaway Shopper Bag (Rex London) | £5.95

Retro design, folds away into its own useful carrying pouch.


Fight for the things you care about Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tote Bag (Society6) | £16.55

RBG and a powerful message, ready to carry with you everywhere.


Van Gogh Tote Bag, Reusable Shopping Bag (Amazon) | £14.99

Because art doesn’t just belong in museums.


Panda RPET foldaway bag (World Wildlife Fund) | £4

A great bag, for a great reason and a great cause.


Love The Earth Tote Bag (Redbubble) | £13.25

Making it doubly obvious you love the Earth.


Cocker Spaniel Tote Reusable Shopping Bag (Amazon) | £7.99

Just . . . woof.


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